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Thanksgiving means eating

National Diabetes Awareness Month… ugh. Just what we need, another month, another disease…

The holiday season is quickly approaching, Thanksgiving is first in the parade of plates filled with our favorite foods, dessert after sweet delicious dessert, and sitting around tables and homes enjoying the company of our loved ones. Oh, and eating too much, far far too much!

It makes me wonder if November, the start of our festive over-eating and indulgence was not coincidentally named “Diabetes Awareness Month”. Nobody wants to be that person sitting at the Thanksgiving table and criticizing loved ones over their food choices. That said, we can all certainly be making changes for ourselves that others will notice.

Why is all this important? Why should we be paying attention to the food we eat and make for friends and family? Yes, yes, I know. You do not have diabetes…. Yet.

We shouldn't brush it off

Fact is that over 30 Million people in the United States have Diabetes, according to the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK)! 30 MILLION! That is nearly 10% of the population. Think about this for one second. Your family get togethers may only have 10 people so one of you is likely to have diabetes. What is worse is that the NIDDK estimates that another 7.2 million adults, 18 and older, have diabetes but have not yet been diagnosed! Approximately 24% of the people over 18! Almost one quarter of the adults in the United States are suspect to have diabetes and not even know it!

“GRANDPA! PUT… THE PIE… DOWN!” (Someone, not me, might say this to Grandpa… at their own risk.)

I hear you, “Joe, why are you ruining my eating bonanza!”. The fact is, we as a family, as a community, and as a nation can do better than this!

You don't have to be that person 

Do not be the health nut that we all despise at family gatherings. Make choices to improve your plate. One healthier plate at a time. I am not saying skip apple pie altogether, just a smaller slice. You can still have the plate of food you have anticipated since last Thanksgiving. But drink a glass of water and wait 15-minutes. Then, ask yourself, “is eating this fun or delicious?” Follow that question up with “are you really hungry though?” You do not NEED to eat the next plate…

You can do it!

If you want to make amazing changes and eat a ton of food then skip the foods with bread, pasta, and other carbs. Eat all the turkey, ham, deviled eggs, and cold potatoes that you want. Just skip over sugary, high carbohydrate foods! Yes, we think they are delicious foods. However, they are delicious because organisms living in our gut are telling our brains they are delicious. These evil organisms are controlling your NEED to eat carbs, so they can reproduce. We can talk more about those nasty organisms later!

If you are willing to take baby steps, eat fewer carbs over the holiday season then you are on your way to living healthier. You are on your way to saving yourself a lot of money and a lifetime of medications, treatments, and even MORE visits to our office.

You are not alone either! We, Westfield Premier, are your support. We will help guide and prepare you for the challenges of leading a healthy lifestyle and developing good, quality eating habits. We are all in this together!

Let us work together, support each other, and start a movement which removes the need of avoidable diseases being given an “Awareness Month”!

Remember, this is not a succeed or fail situation. This is beating disease one meal at a time, one plate at a time, and one bite at a time.

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