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During this month of Men’s Health awareness, Westfield Premier Physicians look at issues specific to men. Testicular cancer is most prominent in men ages 15-39. Monthly self testicular exams as well as an annual physical exam, can help detect cancer in its early stages. For older gentlemen prostate cancer can be a concern. Yearly exams and labs starting after age 45-50, can help screen for prostate cancer. Your family doctor can talk to you about mens’ health issues especially prostate and testicular cancer. Your doctor can also discuss with you what changes may be needed for you to have a healthier lifestyle. Be good to yourself, know your health risks, and get your regular exams!

How do I perform a testicular self-exam?
The Cleveland Clinic has more information on how to do a testicular self-exam. https://my.clevelandclinic.org/health/articles/testicular-cancer-and-self-exam

If you have noticed the following symptoms, please contact Westfield Premier Physicians:
1. A lump in either testicle
2. A swollen testicle
3. Pain in either testicle
4. Feeling heaviness in the scrotum
5. Fluid in the scrotum
6. A shrinking testicle

We care about our men, so let’s be proactive! Early detection is key.

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