So, how are you doing on your healthy goals for 2018?

Back in January we talked about making a goal for 2018. Our first step was to take the time and think about what you most want to change or improve upon. Then deciding on the goal. How will your measure success? Is your goal achievable? Does the goal fit what you want to accomplish?

For those of us who have set a goal, how are you doing? Have you stuck with the goal? Have you seen any results, positive or negative? Is the goal realistic? Are you enjoying the pursuit?

For those of you who can say yes to most of the above statements, great! If you can say yes to one or less of the statements, we may need to reassess. Do your goals need to be rewritten? Do you need to change the goal altogether?  Should you be looking for something else to achieve? Was your goal so broad or so big, that you could not ever achieve it? Did you feel the path to your goal was unsustainable?

If your goal needs fine tuning or changed, now is the time!

Abandoning a goal that you are not committed to is OK! You should reassess where you are in life and what could be changed for the better. Sometimes we don’t know a goal is not a good fit until we work on it. If change is necessary, make sure your new goal is realistic, achievable, and you can measure the success. It should also be relevant to who you want to be and improving the quality of your life!

If you are struggling, please come in and let us know how we can be of service! We can help prioritize your health goals, provide ways to achieve your goals, and assist in identifying a better path to success. 

Let us help you make healthcare goals a success!

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