July is National Parks and Recreation Month. It is a national event. The goal is to bring awareness to our great system of national parks and other recreational sites. Here are suggestions of how we can participate in this celebration:

  • Spend time outdoors at your local park, national park, or find a new park you have not visited and go exploring.
  • Spend time with your family and friends while picnicking, playing a sport, or just taking in nature.
  • See how many different kinds of birds you can find while in the park. Look up the ones that are new. Make it a contest! Who can identify the most birds or the rarest birds?
  • Throw a football, frisbee, softball, whatever you enjoy! Get some exercise while soaking up the sunshine. Walk or run, stroll if you need slower, but the point is to be outside and enjoy the nature and beauty around us!
  • Attend a concert or sporting event. There are many that are no cost. An evening under the stars can be rejuvenating. Look up your local park district to see what activities are planned already.
  • Camping can be a great vacation getaway whether you stay local or travel to a campground. Bring your tent or rent a cabin and reconnect with yourself and loved ones over a campfire or under our vast, beautiful sky filled with stars. When was the last time you saw a shooting star?  

These are some suggestions for enjoying this month. Please see the website for more ideas or make it up as you go exploring the great outdoors!

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