Here are some tips to keep in mind when looking for a new doctor. First of all, it is important that you go into the process with the right mindset. Selecting a doctor is about as important as selecting a spouse. Your health is vital – trusting someone with your life and future is a task not to be taken lightly.  Here are common myths and misconceptions that we have identified.

  1. Health Insurance vs Health Care

We all pay so much for insurance or Medicare that we think “it should cover everything”. Well, it doesn’t. With high costs, higher deductibles and less coverage–many times, people don’t know what is covered until the bills arrive– and then are shocked. Remember, insurance companies are a very important part of the business of healthcare- not the quality of healthcare delivery. Regardless how expensive your plan, you have no guarantee of good care. Beliefs that health insurance is the same as health care is one of our more widely spread common myths.

And please, DO NOT call your insurance company for advice finding a good doctor. This is somewhat like going to the jail to find a babysitter. Having worked in the managed care industry, I’ve actually heard “the cheapest patient is the dead patient” from an insurance company.  Choose your doctor wisely by researching, asking nurses, neighbors, and your church friends–not someone on the phone who has no interest in your well-being or future. We need both good health care AND good insurance.    

  1. I am healthy and don’t need a personal physician

Let’s keep you that way! Ask yourself a couple of questions: does your doctor really work at getting you healthy and keeping you healthy? Are you shuffled in and out and leave so quickly your head spins? Or does your doctor know your name, and follow you very closely, day after day, year after year. Preventive care, comprehensive (60 min not 15 min) exams are so important to assess BEFORE not after the “whatever” happens. A common myth is that we all are invulnerable but no one plans an accident. No one knows when the unthinkable will happen. And it will and it does.  Health security is important.

In our practice, we feel responsible for our private clients and their health. That means if you are healthy, we will work hard to keep you that way.

  1. You can trust everyone in a white lab coat

We don’t claim to be the best doctors out there, but we do believe trusting just anyone with a white coat is dangerous. When physicians don’t know you and aren’t invested in you personally, the path to healing can become convoluted and messy. We’re not talking about bad doctors, but overworked doctors who struggle to get through the day. We have been there, we know. When overworked and overstressed, it is difficult to provide an adequate level of care on any given day. Time to care, time to share, time to diagnose and time to treat are important factors often missing, not to mention a baseline level of trust with the person treating you.

  1. The cheapest is enough

No–my cherished Mother-in-Law always said–”the best is the cheapest”. This didn’t make sense until I realized that spending a little more for a better product- usually results in saving money in the long run.

While good primary care may cost more out-of-pocket short term– it’s the long term in life which really counts, your doctor should be there to heal– not to do “whack a mole” treatments.

For example, we have same day visits, no waits, long appointments, comprehensive physicians and an emphasis on preventive care– we believe our care is some of the best. It’s because of this, in the long run, we will save you money by keeping you healthy.

  1. Direct primary care is just for the wealthy

We are “direct primary care” which means  “concierge care” for all walks of life. We work with you to get less expensive medications, save money on procedures, and in general find ways to work for you–because we are dedicated to you (not your insurance company).  

Our patients consist of housekeepers, truck drivers, teachers, retirees, CEO’s of companies, ministers, students and on and on. I suppose we could have set our fees so high only the privileged could afford, but we wanted to be able to help everyone. For the price of a regular Starbucks coffee or your pet’s vet package (and much less than cable), you can have that trusted physician and gain your health security.

So what about Westfield Premier Physicians?

We use a direct primary care model so our practice can provide a true, personal patient-doctor relationship- which has been proven to create better patient outcomes. With over 100 years of experience in hospital and outpatient medicine, we know what can and will happen. We do what we do because we love what we it. I hope that recognizing these common myths will help you on your journey.

We are passionate, proud, and pleased with our model and care and what it means for our patients, our community, and our nation.

Have any questions about Westfield Premier Physicians? Visit our website or call us today at (317) 793-3285.

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