June is National Men’s Health Month. This month is set aside to remind men of all ages to take care of their health. Most of us, especially men in general, will go to see their doctor when they are sick. What about going when you are feeling good? What about going once a year for an annual physical?

We at Westfield Premier Physicians want to keep our patients healthy! To do this, we need to make sure that we are watching for changes in health, such as an increase in blood pressure. The annual physical is a great time to look at weight, blood pressure, lab tests, risk factors for cancer and other diseases. We should be looking at regular lab tests, such as checking blood sugars, cholesterol levels, and other blood counts as well.  

In addition to getting a regular physical and labs done, there are also age appropriate screenings that should be done. One example of this would be colonoscopy screenings for those > age 50, or with a history of colon cancer in their families. For men over the age of 45, a prostate exam and PSA blood test should be performed. Immunizations also need to be kept up to date including tetanus shots every 10 years and an annual flu shot to name a few.  Smoking cessation is also an important positive measure for good health and can be discussed during the annual physical. Anytime is a good time to discuss being tobacco-free!

Early intervention and awareness can go a long way towards preventing serious illnesses. Some of the illnesses that can affect men include prostate problems, heart disease, diabetes and cancers.  Cancers can also be treated best when found early through health screenings.

Take the time now to think about your health. Our doctors and nurse practitioner want to partner with you to keep you healthy, productive and enjoying life.  Make an appointment to come in for a physical exam like your annual physical. We can discuss any issues you have, as well as screen for any potential problems. Your health is important! Remind the men in your life to take care of themselves with regular health care, and to stay healthy!

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